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Emma About Emma

About Emma

Have A Bowtiful Day!




Emma, is proving to be the most popular Wiggle ever and is broadening The Wiggles appeal and fan base even further. A great inspirational asset to children everywhere through Live shows, TV series, CD’s & DVD’s.

Emma Watkins and her sister appeared in one scene of a live Wiggles video as audience members when she was a young girl. Emma began her performance career early. Studies in dance from ballet across to Irish, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and more, aided in a calling for the stage.

As a young girl, she also used to race rally cars with her dad, but now as a children’s entertainer and new driver of the Big Red Car she will only be Toot Toot, Chugga Chugging along safely!

As the Yellow Wiggle, Emma brings to the stage years of dancing and film work, and a fascination with the colour yellow. With a MRES in ‘Creative Integration of Sign Language, Dance and Film Editing’ and working towards a PHD at Macquarie University on ‘Cinematic Representation of Visual Music for Children with a Hearing Impairment’, she has added camera skills and editing to The Wiggles productions.
Wiggling around the world with Wiggles counterparts Lachy, Simon & Anthony, Emma has been inspired by children and their families dancing and singing at the concerts. Many young fans, dubbed the ‘mini Emma army’, are dressed in yellow and black and wearing Emma’s trademark bow!
“Children are coming to the show dressed in hair bows, bow ties, yellow ballet tutus and bows on their shoes; it is quite bowtiful to see!”

Continuing The Wiggles tradition, Emma is also passionate about sign language and since 2016, along with the help of the Deaf Society of NSW, The Wiggles have incorporated more sign language into their videos and live performances.

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