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The new star on the horizon of early childhood entertainment is Emma from The Wiggles! If you see any of the 100 sold out shows on the current tour, you'll be surrounded by the Mini Emma Army, the thousands of children who dress up like their idol, Emma. With her own TV series, Emma!, hitting the airwaves later this year, it will be Emma-mania for children everywhere. The first release from this TV series is the Emma! CD. 
With 29 songs produced by The Wiggles' music producer and Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, we know children will fall in love with this release that includes all new recordings and arrangements of both Wiggles classics and brand new songs from the TV show. 
"There is a gentle, more intimate feel to the music and that is to reflect the one-to-one relationship Emma has with the listener," explained Anthony Field. Emma herself feels that this album is something special, "I know that children will be able to listen, sing and dance along with these beautiful songs. We've created this album so that we speak to my very special and loyal fans who are amongst The Wiggles' fans. I've enjoyed meeting so many children over the last few years and often get sent beautiful photos, drawings and craft which I treasure."
Every day is sure to be bowtiful when you're listening, singing or dancing along with Emma!


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