Currently due to COVID-19 there are no tours available at this time, we'll notify you when they become available.

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Helping parents with what children need to know as they grow.

Update on The Wiggles Tours

View the Latest Tour Information

The Wiggles Latest Update on the Status of the Tours During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Click to View the Latest Information.

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The Wiggles’ response to COVID-19

This communication contains important information about The Wiggles’ response to COVID-19.

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Eating Healthy by The Wiggles

The nutrition philosophy of The Wiggles is to promote healthy eating behaviours in young children...

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Toilet Training

Children only gain control of their bowel and bladder when they're physically ready...

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Protecting your child's teeth

How should you brush your baby's/toodler's teeth...

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Physical Activity for Children

The Wiggles' songs and dances are full of energy and movement...

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Clean Water

UNICEF works year round to provide improved access to clean water and adequate sanitation...

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Healthy Eating Habits

Children may reject a new food the first or second time it is offered...

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Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is not didactic in nature...

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Music is part of daily life for most children

Music is part of daily life for most children. Music is all around us: television.....

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The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

READING TOGETHER - An excerpt from Effective Bedtime Reading...

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