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Can I send emails, postal mail, faxes to The Wiggles?

The Wiggles Mail Policy
(sent either by email / fax / postal mail to The Wiggles Office)

The Wiggles are sent a lot of mail from all around the world. Most of the correspondence is related to business matters, beyond that the correspondence is mainly positive and uplifting. However, the sheer volume of correspondence has meant that The Wiggles office has had to develop policies so as to properly manage this mail on behalf of The Wiggles.

It is important that everyone is aware of these policies so that we can also effectively manage the expectations of those sending mail.

For reasons of security and administration all mail sent to The Wiggles is screened on a number of levels by appointed Wiggles staff members.

Any unsolicited material (songs, story ideas, designs, etc) sent or given to The Wiggles office is returned to sender. This material is not passed on to The Wiggles themselves. This protects the integrity of all concerned. Therefore we would ask that people do not send any ideas, scripts, songs, etc, for consideration or development by The Wiggles.

In general, nearly all correspondence is answered on behalf of The Wiggles - not by The Wiggles themselves (it is signed accordingly). Simply put, it is not physically possible for The Wiggles to correspond with all who send them mail.

Any inappropriate, intimate or offensive material is not passed on to The Wiggles.  Any packages or notes handed to The Wiggles while performing are screened by a staff member and only appropriate correspondence is passed on.

The Wiggles Pty Ltd

When are The Wiggles going to be touring next?

The Wiggles tour quite frequently, and it is quite possible that they will be coming to a venue near you very soon.

Please check the Tours section of our website. If there are no concerts listed here for your area, this means that no tours have been announced for your area yet.

Do The Wiggles lip-sync in concert?

If you've seen a live Wiggles show you will know that there are many times when they chat to each other, start to laugh, say "G'day!", etc which show you that it is not a mimed or "lip-synced" show.

Anthony has developed a good aerobic level of fitness which enables him to sing and dance. You will notice the LARGE amount of sweat that is on their shirts which is a result of this effort.

Some of the backing music is pre-recorded and replayed on mini disc as this frees The Wiggles to sing and do their dances.

It is more interesting for a child to watch actions and movements rather than a guitar solo (as good as it might be). However, this musical backing is augmented by Anthony often playing his acoustic guitar, Lachy playing his keyboard or Emma playing the drums.

There are many times (such as the Captain's magic buttons segment of the show) when the music is totally live.

The Use of Cameras at the Wiggles' Concerts

Individual theatres have policies and we cannot interfere with those. So please contact the venue prior to attending a Wiggles concert to find out their policy on the use of cameras.

Images of The Wiggles and The Wiggles' Characters and The Wiggles' Dancers (including costumes and stage sets and props) remains the copyright and trademarks of The Wiggles Pty Ltd. ABN: 47 059 778 004

How old does my child need to be before they require a ticket to see The Wiggles or The Wiggles' Character concert?

The Wiggles policy is that any child that has reached 12 months of age requires a ticket. Children under 12 months enter free of charge, and therefore do not require a ticket. However they will be expected to sit on an adult's lap as they will not be issued with a seat.

However individual theatres have policies related to OH&S and we cannot interfere with those. So please contact the venue prior to attending a Wiggles concert to find out their policy on purchasing tickets for your child. If your child does not require a ticket, they will be expected to sit on an adult's lap as they will not be issued with a seat.

Do The Wiggles have a merchandise store?

Yes, we do! Wiggles merchandise is currently available through Dymocks at www.dymocks.com.au/brands/the-wiggles-shop

Are The Wiggles' products safe for children?

We have had many enquiries about toys, especially from the USA. We see it prudent to offer some safety advice concerning children and toys to our Wiggly friends around the world.

The main message is that children should be supervised at all times and that your toy purchase should be age appropriate for your child and the use of the toy should be as per its intentions and / or its instructions.

For example, Dorothy the Dinosaur tail should be used around the waist only.

The information provided in this guide is advisory only. It is not to be taken as a statement of law and must not be construed to waive or modify any legal obligations. See www.productsafety.gov.au for more information.

What sort of guitars do The Wiggles use?

The Wiggles use Maton guitars (www.maton.com.au).

The model of guitars are:

Electric: Maton Mastersound MS500
Acoustic: EM225C

Can I do work experience at The Wiggles office?

Unfortunately The Wiggles office does not currently offer work experience placements.

What has happened to Wiggles TV?

As of February 17, 2015, Wiggles TV has officially closed to pave the way for some exciting new broadcast services. The Wiggles are now broadcast daily on ABC Kids and can also be watched in over 190 countries across the globe.  You can also check out our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/thewiggles.

Can The Wiggles characters be hired for parties?

The Wiggles and/or their characters do not make birthday party appearances. Due to scheduling being so tight with all The Wiggles do, we find the best approach is to hold local concerts for the community. That way it is easier and most fair for everyone to see, sing and dance with The Wiggles and their friends.

It has come to our attention that, unfortunately, there are a number of bootleg Wiggles mascots for hire in the community. We take great care in the entertainment services that we, and our characters, provide to you and to your children. We are committed not only to providing a fun environment that is of educational value to your children, but also to ensuring that the highest professional standards are at all times adhered to, with your children's safety being the number one priority.

We do not have any association with any of these bootleg characters, and cannot vouch for any of the services that they provide. If you have any concerns, or wish to report any suspected bootleg costume or character for hire, please send an online enquiry using the Contact Us section of the website.

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