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Och Aye The G'Nu! CD

Och Aye the G'Nu is a charming little G'Nu who loves haggis, stew and shortbread too! He also loves to sing and dance!
Join Och Aye and march around to I'm a G'Nu. Move just like a wildebeest dancing to Shake Your Shaggy, Shaggy Mane! Purse your lips and play along with My G'Nu Kazoo or stomp around with I Got New Shoes.
You'll find so many animals roaming around in a magical Glasgow zoo, but Och Aye's special friend is the Kangaroo, who plays the didgeridoo!
Created by legendary entertainer Jimmy Barnes, Och Aye the G'Nu was inspired by Jimmy's cheeky red-haired, blue-eyed grandson. The album was produced by The Wiggles' creator Anthony Field. Anthony and Jimmy formed their own musical dynamic duo with their love of infectious melodies and music that makes you want to dance. Lachy Wiggle sings beautifully throughout the album, while Jimmy is the voice of his cheeky character Och Aye the G'Nu. Jackie Barnes and Jeff Fatt add to the exciting musical merriment, while Emma and Simon Wiggle are joined by most of the Barnes clan with the latest star of children's music, Och Aye the G'Nu.
It's music for children and for the child in you! Enjoy the video trailer link below or get a copy of the illustrated storybook or poetry book & CD collection.


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