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Lullabies with Love

The Wiggles: Lullabies with Love standalone Special will be available to own on DVD or digital plus available to stream on platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Foxtel, Fetch, Telstra and Amazon – also from 2 June. Lullabies with Love follows Simon, Emma, Lachy and Anthony as they look after baby Dorothy the Dinosaur for a day. Including a host of memorable songs (including Once Upon a Time - about where a story can take you – plus Busy, Busy and Ding, Ding), Lullabies with Love is also set in a brand-new Wiggle Town, complete with a road crossing, pirate ship, Wiggles’ House, beach, dog kennel and rose garden. Lullabies with Love is full of songs to calm, to entertain, to sing along to or to help tell the story – with every song and story reinforcing the love The Wiggles have for their friends and for baby Dorothy.

The Wiggles: Lullabies with Love Album will be available from 4 June, wherever you get your music from! These delightful, brand-new songs are based around the day that Simon, Emma, Lachy and Anthony look after baby Dorothy the Dinosaur who needs lots of love and care. This latest Wiggly Album is sure to warm the hearts of children of all ages with its beautiful ‘lullabies with love’.

Complete Track Listing:

  1. Lullabies with Love
  2. Dancing with our Wiggly Friends
  3. Take the Baby for a Walk
  4. Sleep Little Baby
  5. The Dancing Hands Dance
  6. Take a Trip Out on the Sea
  7. Gently Down the Stream
  8. Are You Sleeping?
  9. Captain's Sleeping Advice
  10. Sovevu
  11. They Say Scrumptious!
  12. Do the Wiggle Groove
  13. Little Grey Dove
  14. Kookaburra Burra Happy As Can Be
  15. Ding, Ding
  16. Busy, Busy, So Much to Do
  17. Googy, Googy, Baby Dorothy
  18. Yawning, Good Morning!
  19. Dorothy the Dinosaur
  20. Once Upon a Time There was a Baby Dinosaur
  21. The Twins Song - Double Happy!

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