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Lachy! CD & DVD

Hello, hello and welcome to the Lachy Wiggle show!
Come and sing, dance and explore with Lachy as he takes you on a musical adventure through his marvellous world of craft, activities, inventions and play. Lachy is joined by his good friend, the pink and purple horse, Ponso the Pony. You can gallop along with them as they ride to Lachy’s toy room, discover a new inventions room and watch as Lachy plays the piano.
Full of video excerpts from the popular Lachy! TV show, this special collection features brand new content, including the beautiful Irish lullaby Castle of Dromore and a tribute to his noble steed, Let’s Go Riding with Ponso the Pony.
Enjoy Lachy’s beautiful, gentle singing voice and humorous ways in Lachy!



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