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CinderEmma! Fairytale CD

Based on Cendrillion or Cinderella by French writer Charles Perrault in 1697, CinderEmma is a Wiggly take on a fairytale classic! Each Wiggle plays a special role in this whimsical tale. Emma Wiggle plays the role of CinderEmma, a kind hearted girl who works tirelessly doing chores and cleaning for her naughty sisters.
Who better to play the role of the naughty sisters than Simon Wiggle and Captain Feathersword? The naughty sisters have been invited to a royal ball and they can’t wait to let CinderEmma know that she is not invited. They tear up her invitation in front of her and flee to the ball. Oh, those naughty sisters!
CinderEmma is devastated and knows there is only one person who can help her… Her Fairy Godfather, of course. But not just any Fairy Godfather, a rock & roll Fairy Godfather! Is there any other kind?  In the role he was born to play, Anthony Wiggle steps in as The Rock & Roll Fairy Godfather! Using his magic and the power of rock & roll, the Fairy God Father transforms CinderEmma's worn rags into a dazzling ball gown, fit for a princess. But what good is a ball gown without a ball to attend? The Rock & Roll Fairy Godfather has that covered, too! He presents CinderEmma with a brand new invitation to the royal ball. With a twinkle in her eye and a skip in her step, CinderEmma is off to the ball!
The host of the royal ball is the ever so dashing, Prince Curly Locks, played by Lachy Wiggle. The Prince is searching for a wife and tonight may be the night he finds one! As CinderEmma enters the royal ball in her new gown, Prince Curly Locks is enchanted by her beauty and grace. They spend the evening dancing together until CinderEmma must leave in a hurry! The Prince does not even see her go. How will he find her? There are only two people at the royal ball that can help him, the Naughty Sisters. Will the Naughty Sisters change their naughty ways and help the Prince? Will Prince Curly Locks find CinderEmma and declare his love for her? You will have to wait to find out!
With some of your favourite Wiggly hits as well as brand new songs weaved into this enchanting tale, you cannot help but fall in love with the story of ‘CinderEmma’!  What happens when you combine The Wiggles and a fairytale? You get magic!

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