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Carnival of the Animals CD

Carnival of the Animals brings together Simon Pryce from The Wiggles and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in a magnificent new rendition of this work.
Carnival of the Animals is an orchestral piece written in 1886 by the composer Camille Saint-Seans. It was written for children as a bit of fun and is very different to his other works. It is a musical suite of 14 movements and each movement represents a different animal and the sounds of the animal.
For example, the movement for the elephant features a double bass emulating the sounds of the elephant and for the movement of the rooster, the piano creates the crowing of a rooster’s cock-a-doodle-do.
There have been many different narrations written to go with each movement of music. The ABC has a beautiful recording of the Carnival of the Animals performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and The Wiggles have written the narration and the singing to fit with this recording. This new narration would appeal to a more early childhood audience. The narration is spoken through the music, as well as singing to add to the story-telling of each animal.
Simon Pryce has always had a love of classical music and opera and the Carnival of the Animals is a perfect way to help introduce an orchestra and the instruments of an orchestra to children in a fun, entertaining way as we did recently with our CD and DVD "The Wiggles Meet the Orchestra”. 
The Wiggles have always been about introducing children to all forms of music in the hope of children finding a love and an appreciation for music that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Carnival of the Animals will introduce them to wonderful new music sounds and stories.
Enjoy this video trailer to the Carnival of the Animals!

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